About Us

At Tide and Trail we are young men living in a world we have yet to truly discover.  We don't seek to own much, we seek to own quality.  We want a watch that looks as good with our well-tailored suit in the boardroom as with our flannel shirts by the campfire.  We would rather have one handmade knife that will last us 30 years that we can pass along to our sons with stories of it's adventures.      

Our goal was to travel the country to find Craftsmen who put as much love into building their crafts as we do into owning them.  We wanted to find pieces that were made by passionate people from materials we find around us.  We source only the very finest, original and quality goods that we believe are worthy of being in our lives, and we hope, in yours.  

The Tide and Trail Criteria that must be met:

  • Made by People with Passion
  • Timeless Design 
  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Responsibly Sourced

If you know of an amazing piece of gear that blows your mind and that you believe is Worthy, let us know. We look forward to sharing in the adventure together.

-- Brian, Justin & Molly

Tide and Trail