Meet Our Friends: Armogan

Crafted in Belgium by enthusiasts Charlie de Potesta and Amaury Deckers, Armogan watches are the mark of a man who knows what his time is truly worth.

Armogan comes from old French, Le temps est à l’Armogan, used in a common expression among sailors to describe favorable sailing conditions. The name fits for these durable, enduring keepers of time. Armogan watches are a strapping fit for the professional man, but also the adventurous man—and perfect for the professional adventurer.

Imagine this: you are on a mountaintop, perhaps a peak overlooking evergreens or climbing the ladder at your next meeting. As you watch the fog clear, take a deep breath. Take in the moment. You know that feeling? It is the feeling of time—or rather, the lack of it. Time is our greatest resource, arguably our only true resource. Still, over time, we have made time arbitrary. Digital is everywhere: pixels on smart phone screens, a mere subtraction or addition of an illuminated segment that counts up the hours on the clock radio next to the bed. There in lies a lack of true anticipation, a lack craftsmanship, a lack of originality. Technology should not be confused with innovation. Armogan boldly stands in the face of this with true innovation, and inspiration.

Armogan finds inspiration from friend and professional photographer, John Staples. His vibrate, bold photos of adventures around the world—from the Armogan's home base in Belgium to the deserts of Africa—bleed into the promise of style for those who don a watch bearing the Armogan name.

Now, let’s go back to that mountaintop. That place where there is no time. A moment when you realize that, in fact, there is no such thing as time: It is manmade. It has been constructed. But it is not arbitrary.

Man has captured it with the wristwatch, and there is no watch that can stand the test of time like an Armogan watch.

Hunter Gardner
Hunter Gardner