Meet Our Friends: First Landing Woodworks

Remember John Smith?

...Not the Pocahontas made-for-Disney John Smith, the real John Smith, from history class. The original Boy Scout, Smith is the man responsible for establishing the first successful, permanent colony in what was then simply called “The New World”. The rest, as they say, is history.

We wonder, though, what was it like in that moment in time when John Smith realized what he had accomplished? Rolling back his sleeves, squinting through the early morning Virginian fog, how did he celebrate this moment of hard work, paid off?

We’re willing to bet it was with an ice-cold ale.

400 years later, two men—a woodworker and a tech savvy teacher—would meet just miles from Smith’s landing point in Cape Henry, to handcraft timeless bottle openers as First Landing Woodworks.

Plastic is cheap. It bends, breaks, melts. It makes First Landing Woodworks founders Adam and Phillip sick to the bone. Which is why First Landing's fit-in-your-fist openers are made from nature’s most unyielding materials: marble wood, walnut, antler (that’s right, antler).

First Landing even released a limited series of openers crafted from teak wood a la the U.S.S. North Carolina—the reigning queen of the Pacific in World War II.

Wood + Metal: These openers are both decorative and durable—showcase one by the wine rack or toss it in your camping gear. First Landing creates timeless heirlooms, made with the latest in design, that will stand the test of time.

We think that’s something worth celebrating.

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Hunter Gardner
Hunter Gardner