Meet Our Friends: Black Anchor


 When Lewis and Clark first ventured into the Pacific Northwest, the natives they found were referred to as the “First Nations”—a collection of tribes that fearlessly rowed their canoes from the tributaries into the ocean, then back again. The winds and currents never seemed to deter them. 

Stephen Jones had the wind at his back when he first started Black Anchor. Back from a special mission in the Middle East, Stephen landed his plane at an Army base where he acquired a sewing machine, sold “as is” with no promise it would work upon plugging it in.

Now, just a few years later, the realization of one man, a dream and a sewing machine has manifested itself into Black Anchor, which curates a collection of high quality leather and waxed goods. Outfitted in Tacoma, Washington, Black Anchor’s products are bred by the synthesis of blue-collar work and an artistic vision.

Quality Over Quantity…

…is not merely a trite turn of phrase when it comes to Black Anchor, but rather a state of mind for the founders, Stephen and Ally Jones.

As stated on the Black Anchor website, "Sustainability through design is not only our passion, but our lifestyle...We enjoy having few possessions, and having them be nice ones."

Their boutique catalogue of carrier items boldly speaks to this idea. Durability and fine detail are the hallmark of Black Anchor’s collection, which spans leather bracelets and wallets to waxed briefcases and totes, and a damn fine pipe tobacco carrier.

Taking Pride in the Process

By thoughtfully using natural processes during production, such as vegetable tanning, Black Anchor aims for sustainable products that will be passed down generation to generation, "not to a landfill." While a timeless look takes time to craft, it is the attention to detail and durability that sets these accessories apart.

Tide & Trail takes pride in partnering with Black Anchor as we too, step into adventure. View our online store here.
Hunter Gardner
Hunter Gardner