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Find Elegance in a Watch from Armogan

Born in a small town in Luxembourg, Armogan is the brainchild of watch enthusiasts who decided to design their own model. The word « Armogan » originates from old French where sailors of that time used it to describe a day with good sailing conditions. « Le temps est a l'Armogan ». At the crossroads of innovation and tradition, our watches are inspired by great adventures and pioneers.


Meet Our Friends: Armogan

April 30, 2015

Crafted in Belgium by enthusiasts Charlie de Potesta and Amaury Deckers, Armogan watches are the mark of a man who knows what his time is truly worth. Armogan comes from old French, Le temps est à l’Armogan, used in a common expression among sailors to describe favorable sailing conditions. The name fits for these durable, enduring keepers of time. Armogan watches are a strapping fit for the professional man, but also the adventurous man—and perfect for the professional adventurer. Imagine this: you are on a mountaintop, perhaps a peak overlooking evergreens or climbing the ladder at your next meeting. As you watch the fog clear, take a deep breath. Take in the moment. You know that feeling? It is the...

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Meet Our Friends: First Landing Woodworks

April 22, 2015

Remember John Smith? ...Not the Pocahontas made-for-Disney John Smith, the real John Smith, from history class. The original Boy Scout, Smith is the man responsible for establishing the first successful, permanent colony in what was then simply called “The New World”. The rest, as they say, is history. We wonder, though, what was it like in that moment in time when John Smith realized what he had accomplished? Rolling back his sleeves, squinting through the early morning Virginian fog, how did he celebrate this moment of hard work, paid off? We’re willing to bet it was with an ice-cold ale. 400 years later, two men—a woodworker and a tech savvy teacher—would meet just miles from Smith’s landing point in Cape...

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